How to dress your garden when selling your house

How to dress your garden when selling your house

Selling your house can be a stressful time, especially in a slow market.  But, there’s lots of tricks and tips you can use to get your garden looking great for prospective buyers.  Our Director, Angelique Robb, shares her tips on this in our latest blog, where she covers tidying up, doing a garden makeover and garden styling.

There are different things you can do depending on your budget.  When considering a budget, it’s best to weigh up added value with investment.  In some cases, a garden makeover can add great value to your home and help sell it or when it comes to styling your garden, you can take much of the investment with you when you move!

Tidying Up

Doing simple things like raking leaves, pruning shrubs and disposing of rubbish is a good starting point.  Go a step further by removing dilapidated sheds, outbuildings and old play frames, which will create a larger sense of space.  Keeping on top of the grass and strimming the edges (weekly) will help make the garden look smart.  Don’t forget to clear away all toys and garden tools too.

Pressure wash paths and prune overgrown shrubs. Try to avoid removing too much planting, as weeds will grow, which can create extra work.  Rake up leaves and remove clutter, making sure all debris is removed off site.

You’d be surprised at how much dirt accumulates on outdoor paving, fencing and decking through time.  Cleaning the mud off will show the contrast and, in some cases, bring them up like new!

Estimated cost: £500-£1000.



Garden Makeover

A garden makeover will take a bit more investment, but this can make a big difference to the look of your garden.  Clear all overgrown planting and tidy up the garden, as above.  For a tidy backdrop, install new plants -  using the same variety to create simplicity.   Lay new turf and consider adding interest by shaping it; adding shape to your lawn can also make the space feel bigger.


Pressure Washing

Pressure wash paths and strim the edges.  Clean pathways and re-sand or re-joint paths.  Remove old plant pots and clear away branches and leaves.  See Papillon’s example below of the difference it can make:

Give fences and furniture a new lease of life by painting or staining woodwork.  Note that using a modern and neutral colour will appeal to more viewers.


Estimated cost: £750 - £2000

Garden Styling

After tidying and giving your garden a makeover, it’s time to trend it up by styling it.  Garden styling helps the buyer imagine living in your garden.  Although this option can cost more, the huge benefit is that you can take the investment with you when you leave, as you aren’t investing in the property itself.


How do you style a garden?

  • Cover outdated paving with an outdoor rug
  • Invest in outdoor furniture that can remain outside all year long
  • Use planters or garden screens to block unwanted views or cosy-up the space
  • Add a barbecue area e.g. a fire pit, gas fire or pizza oven
  • Use outdoor lighting that plugs into outdoor sockets (especially if showing the house at night)

Set the table and put on the fire.  Help potential buyers imagine what it would be like using the garden.


Estimated cost: £1k – 5k

Even without a budget, there is a lot that can be done to make a garden look smarter.  Cleaning surfaces and keeping the grass cut and strimmed can really help.

These tips have been put together with house-sellers in mind, but they can be used by all homeowners, to help them make the most of their garden and enjoy it more!


If you'd like help with a garden makeover or garden styling then get in touch.  Papillon is a member of the Association of Landscape Gardeners.

Good luck with the move!



Client Testimonials


We are delighted with the garden and everything is going to be so much easier to look after, and we will enjoy using it so much more, so thanks for all your, and your team’s hard work!



It looks amazing Angelique, I can’t believe the difference and it’s so much bigger!


I love my garden steps

We have had three projects undertaken by Papillon and have been very pleased with each one. We have had very positive comments from friends and neighbours about the improvements to our property. I love my garden steps.


We cannot praise Angelique and her team at Papillon Design & Landscaping highly enough. From the initial consultation with Angelique, she listened to our requirements and returned with a fabulous design. On site, the team were friendly, efficient and organised and worked hard to complete the project on time and with minimum disturbance. We were delighted with the end result and feel it has really added to our home.

Ian & Anna

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